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I was born in Bologna, Italy in September 4th, 1970. I am 30 years old yeahh! I live in Los Angeles, California since 1994. I grew up in Italy most of my life. My parents still live there and my little sister too. Then in November 1992, I got married to my husband Cliff, he is American. We got married in Italy and lived there for 2 years and later we moved out here, then in Jan. 2000, we got separated. So now I am single again. Well, last year in November (2001), I met this new guy, Jeff. And since then I basically got hooked! He used to play with Duff's new band Loaded. But then he decided to leave Loaded and remain with the band he had before Loaded, Alien Crime Syndicate or ACS.

I am totally into music, I like movies too, and recently I have been into computers a lot. I start building websites in December 2000 with the help of my 2 friends, Euijung and Andy. I finally got to create some cool websites for all my favorite actresses and musicians. Right now it's just a hobby but hopefully in the near future I will get to do it as a real job because I really love it!

This summer Euijung and I are thinking of starting a business in this field and we will be giving out business cards too. So get ready because we are coming!!! I will have to teach some of my other friends to build websites too, Joyce is one of them.

Here in LA I do work for a company that does banking services for banks. Most of my "shittiest" time is basically spent there. On my free time I get to work on my websites. At times, I go out and see my friends, but since I have been on computer so much lately they all think I've disappeared from the face of the earth. It all paid off last month when I finally got my first official site, which is a big deal for me since I am spending all my time doing them. See friends?? things are happening for me....

I love to travel but I haven't done much traveling since I moved out here though. One of the best places I have gone to is Stockholm/Sweden in 1998. My Italian friend, Daniela, who lives out there showed me all the "good" parts of the city. It was totally cool and the (Swedish) guys were ... yummy. So 1998 was a good year for traveling, I have been back home and in Sweden.

Next year ... Berlin, Germany, another place I am dying to see. You would probably say, "you were living so close to it back then, why in the hell are you deciding to go there now?". Answer is : "I don't know"! I just wanted to go there for so long but for some reason I never did and I'm finally I am going -- better later than never.

Another things I've started to do lately is writing poems, or how Andy calls them "lyrics". I wrote 4 so far and my 2 friends in Germany (the official website) are writing music for them. Pretty soon I will have a demo with my own lyrics. Ain't it cool? Lately I have been reviewing my German and my 2 German friends are helping me a bit. I am a very busy person lately. I kind of like it though.

On my "very" free time, whenever I don't work on the websites, I like to shop, go to the beach, take a walk (although, I am not used to walk that much anymore), go to clubs and try to catch a live show (somewhere) of my favorite bands. I don't read that much but I love to read over and over a book that I have been reading since I was 15 years old. The book is called Christiane F. Wir Kinder of Bahnhof Zoo, which it was made into a movie which I love. When I am at home I either stay on computer all day and listen to music, Nena and Loaded, are always running on my CD player, or I just watch TV.

I also have a resume that I would like to add to my site but I won't do it for different reasons, but whoever is interested in seeing it for job opportunity, you can always email me and I will be glad to send it. I will be adding more stuff as I go on, keep checking.

In July 2001 I finally got my second official site, which I am really proud of, because is basically about one of the 2 of my "absolute" favorite bands in the world. It is about the drummer of the 80's German rock-pop band Nena, Rolf Brendel. I am also very happy to know that my "favorite" guy Jürgen (which is the bass player of the band I mentioned above) visited the site and left a message in the guestbook. Unluckely Jürgen is not in the music business anymore and he couldn't officialize the site. :-( That is too bad because he is my favorite! The other band I was referring to, is Guns and Roses. I am also running a website on the bass player of the band, Duff McKagan (I guess I have a "thing" for bass players) and I am trying to get that one official too.

8/26/01 - Latest News : Finally I do have a business. If you need to create a site for yourself or your business, please don't hesitate to ask. You can write me an Email or visit the Website.

1/12/02 - I finally got my third site official. Duff McKagan asked me to do an official site on his new band Loaded. Check it out. We got a lot of things going on, on the site now. We also got our second customer through the business. Cool!!!

If you have any comments, questions or suggestion please email the webmaster.